Marketing Goals & KPIs

Your campaign will be set up for success when conversational assistant, user targeting, and measurement are aligned with your marketing goals and KPIs.

Think about the main goals you want to achieve. What is one main business problem we're trying to solve with this campaign? What is the problem we are solving, phrased from your customer's/user's perspective? How will success ultimately be measured? The answer to these questions will enable you to identify the target audience and the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It will also help guide the content for the conversational assistant.

We have found that the immersive ad experience that the AdLingo Ad offers is well suited to drive users through the upper-mid funnel.


Marketing Goal Goals - Detailed KPIs
Build awareness - Introduce your brand or product
- Rebrand your brand
- Expand your audience
- # of users engaged
- Conversation time
- Brand Lift
Consideration Use in-depth interactions to get consumers to consider the value you offer:
- Help consumers evaluate potential purchases
- Increase customer interaction rate
- Drive more traffic to website
- # of users engaged
- # of click-outs
- Ad Recall
Intent/Purchase - Find more customers right when they’re ready to buy
- Convert more visits to sales
- User sign-up rate
- Cost-per-acquisition