Media Plan

Once your AdLingo ads are ready, your campaign needs to be configured according to the information in your media plan. This is an example of the components in a media plan:

Required Components Example value(s)
Media Budget $150k (50k in June, 100k in July; 60% mobile, 40% desktop)
Flight Dates Start date: 10/1. End date: 12/31
Content Targeting Environment: Mobile web, Mobile app, Desktop
Geography - US
- Big 6: LA, Houston, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco
Bid Strategy - While spending full budget, minimize CPA
- Do not exceed average CPM of $8

Optional Components Example value(s)
Tracking Pixels DCM Tracking Ads / MOAT / Floodlight
Note: only provide standard click trackers (i.e. non redirect -- the clickout will go to what we've already allocated as the destination)
A/B Creative Testing A/B test in week 1. Run winning creative in weeks 2 - 4
Content Targeting Targeting or exclusion:
- Categories: webpages with Beauty & Fitness content
- Apps & URLs: exclude
- Viewability: 70% or more
- Language: English
Demographics Female 25-44 w/ medium to high household income ($75k+)
Audience Targeting - Client provided: Coupon redemption list
- Affinity lists: Beauty Mavens, Travel Buffs
Time of Day Daytime only (7AM - 7PM in the local time zone of the people viewing your ads)
Frequency Up to 7 Ad exposures per user per month