This guide provides requirements and best practices to get started with AdLingo Ads. It also includes a checklist for the conversational assistant and creative asset requirements.

Here is an example of what the ad and conversational assistant can look like. To see it in action, view this demo.

CDA demo


AdLingo’s Ads are served programmatically through display inventory across several ad exchanges. The development lead time for an AdLingo campaign is approximately four to six weeks, but could vary based on asset collection and conversational assistant handoff.

Clients are responsible for providing the following items before we can launch your campaign:

  1. Marketing Goal(s)
  2. Creative Assets
  3. Conversational Assistant
  4. Media Plan

Sample Launch Timeline

CDA launch timeline

Important notes:

  • The client is responsible for providing a fully functioning conversational assistant. Development time for a conversational assistant varies but should be accounted for when setting the target launch date.
  • The more creative revisions that are made once development begins, the longer it takes to complete the AdLingo Ads and launch the campaign.
  • Building the AdLingo Ads won’t start until the advertiser has fully approved the creative design.

Client-Provided Components

We are excited to launch a campaign with you! Let’s dive into some essential things we need from you to build the conversational ad and launch your campaign.