AdLingo Logo Guidelines

If you would like to use our logo within your marketing materials or on your website, please reach out to us at

Logo Variations

The AdLingo logo comes in four color variations - full color with dark gray text, full color with white text, reverse (all white), and black.

Full-color logo

Our primary logo is the full color AdLingo logo with dark gray text. If the background contrast is not a 4.5:1 contrast, the secondary logo of full color AdLingo logo with white text may be used.

Full-color Logo (with Dark Gray - Hex: #313E48) - Primary Logo

Full-color Logo (with White - Hex: #FFFFFF) - Secondary Logo

One-color and reversed logo

Our one-color logo is a black logo. This should be used on an as needed basis and confirmed with our team first.

The reverse logo is to be used sparingly as well, but might be necessary with certain contrasting background constraint and/or on images. Please confirm before using.

  • One-color logo, using Black
    Hex: #000000
  • Reverse logo, using White
    Hex: #FFFFFF
  • Don't Use another color to represent our logo, even if it is one of our logo colors.


With very few exceptions, our logo should be placed on solid backgrounds that have an acceptable WACG contrast ratio (4.5:1) with the chosen logo.

Check ratio here.

  • Don't Forget to check the contrast ratio.
  • Don't Add a distracting background.
  • Don't Play around with the transparency of the background.


Make sure that there is enough space surrounding our logo.

In Copy

When using our logo in text, please ensure the L is capitalized and our logo is not used mid-sentence.

  • Do Capitalize the L in AdLingo.
  • Don't Use the AdLingo logo in text.

Incorrect logo use

Here are some examples of what not to do with our logo.

  • Don't Change the logo colors.
  • Don't Make the logo dimensions wider.
  • Don't Make the logo dimensions more narrow.
  • Don't Add extra space between the logo or letters.
  • Don't Change the angle of the logo.
  • Don't Add shadows or effects.